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Below is a list of every scholarship offered by Tallahassee Community College and the TCC Foundation. This list is to provide applicants with information pertaining to the types of scholarships offered by the College and the Foundation. Not all scholarships are awarded every academic year, scholarships being offered will appear in the applicants “My Opportunities” section of their scholarship account. If you have successfully submitted an application and do not see a scholarship in “My Opportunities” from the list below that you believe you fit the criteria to be considered for, it is due to the scholarship not being offered at that particular time.

Use the options below to determine your search criteria. Please note that you can search three different ways.

  • Category Search - Scholarships are assigned categories by your schools. This option allows you to identify and search the categories that you feel are most relevant to you.
  • Keyword(s) Search - Your school may assign a keyword to a scholarship. This option allows you to search that keyword field.
  • Description and Name Search - You can simply search the description or name of scholarships to see if they contain words that you might deem suitable (e.g. Biology).

Scholarships (232)

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